1 Dixie & Bee Surprise Box - 2 New Dollies with Drawstring Bag

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Sign Up ends every 1st of the month then the dollies are painted ( signup period 2nd of the month to 1st)

The Kokeshi 1 Month Subscription includes:

2 new surprise dolls ( kokeshi style 2.3 inches tall )

Inspired drawstring bag

Shipping about first week of the month


The surprise doll subscription was inspired by wanting more new designs. My usual very busy schedule with custom orders didn't allow me to have much room for my own ideas. Thats when I decided to make time, once a month, to create something super cute and new. You will receive 2 well thought out wooden dolls, that are suited to the current season, event or holiday and they are always a surprise!!!

Reveal on Instagram about 2-3 week after shipping.