About Dixie & Bee

 Dixie & Bee evolved from a passion of painting for and with my children. Neighbors and friends had caught wind of my painting creations and encouraged me to expand further which has stemmed into what you see now.

I opened my first Etsy Shop in April of 2017 and haven't stopped painting since.

In my first 2 years on ETSY I had received well over 1500 orders!

When demand was more than I could handle, I decided to create a website to allow me to better cater to my customers wants and needs.


I now open once a month and orders are painted on a first come, first paint basis.

I don't limit how much you can order, just the timeframe in which you can place your order.

This allows me to spend 1 day a month organizing and preparing what I need for supplies ect. and free's up the rest of the month to paint just for you.
Keep in mind that my turnaround time is ever changing so please pay attention when ordering.

I offer custom dolls, family dolls, character dolls, a surprise toy boxes. In addition I have collaborated with several other small shops to bring you some one of a kind toys!


Every doll is handled, designed, painted & packaged by me.

Email me with your ideas, designs, and details that are personal and important to you to create a meaningful keepsake!

Sabine Kelly
( Artist, Mother, Animal lover )